Icarus! 1.1 The Game


Your friends have been trapped in 6 extraordinary alien planets and need to be rescued! 

Save your people through 60 amazing levels using your logic to open doors, avoid enemies and get off unharmed! Use the special abilities of every each of your characters to get rid of the enemies and use platforms to jump from floor to floor fighting strange beings and solving puzzles! 

The perfect combination of adventure and logic in a simple great game! 

■ GAME: 
□ 60 astounding puzzles 
□ 6 oddly designed worlds 
□ 6 special characters. 
□ 3 stars to be found before they vanish in each level 
□ Quick 60 second option to get extra stars! 
□ Tentacles, warriors, strangers and many more enemies! 
□ The further you go the more complex to solve the systems get 

□ Retina Display Support 
□ Realistic physics simulation 
□ Simple and intuitive controls! 
□ Awesome animations, music and colours 
□ Addictive gameplay